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Redeploying to Somalia / Amanda Sperber

Sign at anti american protest in mogadishu depicting the abdi house raid or  bloody monday

Given the size of our military and what we do in so many places, there is a degree to which the scale of whats happening in Somalia is much smaller. And other stories will just get more attention because of that. So I don't know if the mainstream media doesn't pay enough attention, considering the reality of what is happening there. I do think that a lot of the American Public doesn't fully realize the extent to which U.S. policy is enforced through in part supplies, and money for the military, and state building that props up ideas of what makes a "country" that shapes the world that we live in and contributes to a dynamic that is becoming more and more untenable in places, and that is not a path to sustainability.

Chuck interviews investigative journalist Amanda Sperber on her Baffler article "Prelude to Redeployment - Listening for signs of the Americans in Kismayo, Somalia"

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Amanda Sperber

Amanda Sperber is a journalist covering Somalia and South Sudan.


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