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Episode 910

Crash the State

Jul 23 2016

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Max Zirngast

A state of constant crisis: Turkish instability survives a coup attempt.

Live from Ankara, journalist Max Zirngast gives context to the recent coup attempt in Turkey beyond the widely reported secular / Islamic divide - pointing instead towards larger trends of political and economic instability amidst a wave of popular uprisings, open (and covert) conflict between Erogan and the Gülen movement, and a populace united against military rule, but fractured by war, religious radicalism and Erdogan's creeping authoritarianism.

Max is co-author of the Jacobin article What Happened in Turkey?

Interview transcript via Antidote Zine



Julia Buxton

Deep, profound and structural: Understanding Venezuela's post-Chávez crisis.

Latin America specialist Julia Buxton examines the state of Venezuelan politics during and after the Hugo Chávez era - from the international and regional factors behind Chávez's radical shift from Bolivarianism toward '21st century socialism,' to the roots of the country's current crisis in economic mismanagement in the face of crashing oil prices - and calls for dialogue and negotiation to resolve a crisis with a high risk for conflict.

Julia was interviewed in the piece Venezuela After Chávez at New Left Review.



Jacquelin Kataneksza

Defiance and dissent propel movements online, and on the streets of Zimbabwe.

Writer Jacquelin Kataneksza profiles #ThisFlag, #5to6 and the larger state of protest movements emerging from the political and economic instability in Zimbabwe, coalescing online and in the street for collective public action and against corruption and mismanagement of the Mugabe government, and explains why the next challenge facing protesters is building a diverse and sustainable movement around an alternative vision and agenda for a Zimbabwe beyond Mugabe.

Jacquelin wrote the article Fed up and not afraid! for Africa is a Country.



Douglas Gillison

America's global military and police training system is too big and secret for accountability.

Journalist Douglas Gillison reports on America's network of foreign police and military training programs around the globe - a phenomenon so vast and reliant on loopholes it operates outside the view of the American public and the oversight of the hundreds of agencies funding it - potentially (probably) providing assistance to human rights abusers abroad and sidestepping a law intended to prevent that very scenario.

Douglas is co-author of the 100 Reporters investigation Training the Planet: America’s Vast Global Network to Instruct Foreign Security Forces Gets Scant Oversight.



Alex S. Vitale, Brian Jordan Jefferson

How 'Command and Control' policing invaded American life.

Alex S. Vitale and Brian Jordan Jefferson explore the rise of neoliberal 'Command and Control' policing over four decades in New York City - from the progressive facade of the 'Broken Windows' theory that expanded police influence over the lives of poor and minority communities, to the unbearable costs of a system that uses military force as its only response to a growing set economic crises across America.

Alex and Brian wrote the chapter "The Emergence of Command and Control Policing in Neoliberal New York" for the Verso collection Policing the Planet: Why the Policing Crisis Led to Black Lives Matter.

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Jeff Dorchen

Don't make me laugh, non-white comedians: A podcast review.

In a five-star rated and reviewed Moment of Truth, Jeff Dorchen listens to W. Kamau Bell and Hari Kondabolu's Politically Reactive podcast, figures out what words to use and what words to avoid while recommending a podcast on race and class to TIH! listeners, and stumbles into a new, profoundly Dolezalian perspective on Bell's temporary whiteness and Kondabolu's Jewish potential.