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What's inside Vault 7? On the politics of WikiLeaks and CIA hacking.


Assange wants to treat this as a proliferation issue, and I think he's right. You may hate Assange, but he's right on that point. Then the question is what are the trade-offs? What the expectations? What are the rules? Let's be honest to taxpayers about the risks that are inherent to these, basically, weapons.

National security journalist Marcy Wheeler unpacks the ongoing Vault 7 data dump story - from the big differences between this CIA hacking tools leak and last year's NSA hacking tools leak, to the motivations and strategy of WikiLeaks in releasing the information - and places this case in the larger context of US intelligence and global politics.

Marcy wrote the articles Wikileaks Dumps CIA's Hacking Tools and No More Secrets: Vault 7 at her site emptywheel.

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Marcy Wheeler

Marcy Wheeler is the Right to Know journalist for ExposeFacts and blogs about surveillance, government and everything else at emptywheel.


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