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The corporate consolidation of craft beer hits the bar scene.


If one of the national craft brewers puts out a seasonal, and they want all 58 or 70 of their locations to have that beer, there's not going to be anything left for an independent bar. They are able to say to a brewery 'We'll take it all.' I'm getting fearful of the effect of the chain beer bar, because they're going to drown out my pleas for some of these special beers, and I can't sell as much as a place with 195 locations.

The Hopleaf's Michael Roper explains how the market forces consolidating craft breweries and supermarket shelves around the country have moved to franchising bars - meaning more clout for chains and less access for local businesses - and why the growing influence of banks and finance on the industry might be worse for beer than even Miller or Bud.

On Sunday May 1st, 100% of the Hopleaf's profits will be donated to the local Helen C. Peirce school - so stop by to put your drinking to good use for once.

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Michael Roper

Michael Roper has been the owner operator of the Hopleaf Bar in Chicago since he opened it in 1992.


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