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Another family is possible: On the radical horizon of gestational politics.


My book says 'Full Surrogacy Now!' not just because I see surrogacy as a dystopian name for relations that already exist, but because I think surrogacy would be a very good idea - were it to be realized in its potential for recognizing that children are not property, that we produce one another already, but we could learn to act like it - and that would be surrogacy as solidarity. When we get beyond the capitalist division between reproductive and productive labor, we can perhaps think about how all gestators - 'surrogates' and 'mothers' are together the producers of people.

Theorist Sophie Lewis explores the radical horizon of gestational politics - from the brutal physical and social costs of 'natural' pregnancy's labor, to the liberatory promises of a new, re-ordered society built on poly-maternalism, children's liberation, gender abolition and true care for all people.

Sophie is author of Full Surrogacy Now: Feminism Against Family from Verso.

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Sophie Lewis

Sophie Lewis is a theorist, critic and translator.


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