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On Zionist Feminism / Sophie Lewis

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The destruction of Palestinian life really is women-washed in our culture. My hope by doing a little bit of research on the history of Zionist feminism was to make some contribution to the consciousness among feminists that this Islamophobic myth of the Muslim rape cult should not fool us any more than the older settler colonial myth of the black rapist, to quote Angela Davis, can fool us.

We wrap up the week with the return of writer, theorist, and recovering academic Sophie Lewis to talk about her new writing at Salvage Magazine, "Some of my best enemies are feminists: on Zionist feminism." This will be Sophie's fourth appearance on This is Hell! and her interviews have repeatedly been selected by listeners as their favorites of the year each time she has appeared. Following the interview, Jeffrey Dorchen delivers "The Moment of Truth" live from Second Story Studios, aka the center of Hell.

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Sophie Lewis

Sophie Lewis is a theorist, critic and translator.


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