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Episode 993

Road To Joy

Mar 3 2018

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Noliwe Rooks

The economics of educational apartheid in America.

American studies scholar Noliwe Rooks examines the economics of educational apartheid - from the business that require and reinforce racial and economic segregation in American schools, to the bipartisan effort to turn poor communities into experiments for capital - and explains why integration is the only path to equality for American children.

Noliwe is author of Cutting School: Privatization, Segregation, and the End of Public Education from The New Press.



Angie Johnson

This is working people standing up: A strike report from West Virginia.

Middle school teacher Angie Johnson explains why teachers are striking across West Virginia - to protest massive health insurance rate increases affecting public sector workers across the state, and to reclaim power from the corporate influence on state politics and their own compromised union leadership.

Contribute to the WV Teachers Strike Fund here 

Chuck mentions the articles Settling West Virginia Teachers Strike Could Hinge on Taxing Frackers at Payday Report and Do-It-Yourself Class Struggle at Jacobin.



Lynne Segal

Ourselves, beyond our selves: On the radical potential of collective joy.

Writer Lynne Segal explains why transformative happiness can only be found with other people - as a challenge to the lonely, precarious reality of life under neoliberal capitalism, and as a utopian reminder that a new world can still be built, together, for everyone.

Lynne is author of Radical Happiness: Moments of Collective Joy from Verso.



Katie Roiphe

Thoughts on #MeToo, Twitter speech and space for dissenting voices.

Writer Katie Roiphe sees a generalizing energy and an intolerance for self-critique within sectors of the #MeToo movement, and explains why these tendencies, combined with the online nature of political discourse, threaten the likelihood of delivering structural changes within the workplace to eliminate harassment of women.

Katie wrote the Harper's cover story The Other Whisper Network.



Jeff Dorchen

If we can ever band together and eat the rich, we might be able to say we've won something.

In a Moment of Truth, Jeff Dorchen stumbles out of the jungle to realize the war is still going on, and that it never ended, that none of them ever ended because they're probably all the same war we'll be fighting and dying in until we get ourselves off the battlefield somehow, maybe through or over the bodies of the enemy.

Read the transcript here