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Thoughts on #MeToo, Twitter speech and space for dissenting voices.


What seems dangerous to me is the generalizing energy. And you can say 'Well, women dealt with this for so long, it's okay to generalize,' but I really don't think it is. That kind of intellectual and ideological sloppiness has a giant cost, and that cost is not just to men - I'm not protecting men here - but it's to women as well.

Writer Katie Roiphe sees a generalizing energy and an intolerance for self-critique within sectors of the #MeToo movement, and explains why these tendencies, combined with the online nature of political discourse, threaten the likelihood of delivering structural changes within the workplace to eliminate harassment of women.

Katie wrote the Harper's cover story The Other Whisper Network.

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Katie Roiphe

Katie Roiphe is a writer and Director of the Cultural Reporting and Criticism Program at New York University's Arthur L. Carter Journalism Institute.