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Corporate mercenaries and state police pointed the same gun at Standing Rock.


Their means of making money is to market these sorts of protests to a client as being a terroristic threat - in that sense they are serving an ideology of applying militaristic tactics to the business of repression of dissent. Whether that's a coherent political ideology, I couldn't say, but clearly they have a certain agenda to promote that lines up with their business model - and that agenda is different from what you might get with a conventional police agency.

Investigative journalist Will Parrish explores the convergence of TigerSwan corporate mercenaries and police forces to surveil and police the Dakota Access Pipeline protests, and explains how the partnership manufactured terrorist threats to justify its counter-insurgency tactics in defense of profit - a technique we're certain to see targeting dissent across America.

Will co-wrote the giant, 5-part series on DAPL surveillance and policing, TigerSwan Tactics for The Intercept.

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Will Parrish

Will Parrish is an investigative journalist.


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