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Inclusion is not transformation: On the limits of liberal opposition to Islamophobia.


We have to be extremely thoughtful and analytical when we make our arguments and when we organize. Because we have to organize people into mass movements that are democratic, and thinking through what kind of world they want to build themselves. At this stage much of the discussion is outside that. Capitalism in its ideological form is able to subsume and metabolize dissidents. And that is the way that neoliberal democracy works, it allows a particular kind of dissent within it, as long as that dissent does not fundamentally challenge the nature of society itself.

Writer and organizer S.K. Hussan explains why liberal attempts to combat Islamophobia only serve to reinforce the ideology and structure of state power targeting Muslims in the first place, and makes the case for building a collective social change, not just recasting oppressive power with diverse participants pointing the weapons.

Hussan is co-author of the article The Problem with Liberal Opposition to Islamophobia for ROAR Magazine.

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S.K. Hussan

S.K. Hussan is a researcher, writer and campaigner based in Toronto.


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