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Episode 1054

New World Border

May 4 2019

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Thea Riofrancos

Between ecosocialism, extractivism, the future and the left in power.

Political scientist Thea Riofrancos explains how an ecosocialist agenda addresses the interlocked crises of climate change and capitalism through a transformative democratic revolution in production, consumption and social relations, and what a left-in-power can learn from the politics of extraction in Pink Tide Latin America.

Thea wrote the articles A Path to Democratic Socialism Means a Path To Climate Justice for In These Times and What Comes After Extractivism? for Dissent.



Ruben Andersson

Reblanking the map: Violence and fear in the new global borderlands.

Anthropologist Ruben Andersson explains how Western border regimes and local insurgencies are remapping the globalized world in a series of conflicts over access and movement, creating contested 'danger zones' and drawing lines between the rich and poor through fear, uncertainty and force.

Ruben is author of No Go World: How Fear Is Redrawing Our Maps and Infecting Our Politics from University of California Press.



Yasha Levine

The census is a battering ram: Race, tech and the uses of population data.

Investigative journalist Yasha Levine explores an interlocking century of technology and racism in the US census - from the state's earliest days deriving political power through racial sorting, to the ideological uses of population data throughout the 20th and 21st centuries to enforce ruling class will.

Yasha wrote the article The Racist - and High Tech - Origins of America’s Modern Census for Medium.



Andrew Cockburn

The hollow centrist: Joe Biden's four decades working against the working class.

Journalist Andrew Cockburn reviews 43 years of Joe Biden-inflicted disaster on the world - as a lazy, corrupt servant of the political establishment with a long history of betraying the working class, and as the 2020 presidential candidate working just as hard (for him, at least) to defeat the left as he is challenging Donald Trump.

Andrew wrote the Letter from Washington No Joe! Joe Biden’s disastrous legislative legacy for Harper's.



Jeff Dorchen

The faults in our deflection.

In a Moment of Truth, Jeff Dorchen wastes his life thinking about his and our deflections - the ones infecting schools and taking cigarettes away from chimps and poisoning our water and overacheiving and setting our melting world on fire - but don't blame Jeff for your own problems.

Read the transcript here