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Between ecosocialism, extractivism, the future and the left in power.


If we actually had mass transit, if we actually had a system of zero carbon social housing, if we actually had democratically controlled, decarbonized grids and utilities - we would be doing two things at once. We'd be addressing some of the deep forms of oppression and exploitation that occur under capitalism, that deny people the means of their own existence, and we would be moving towards a more sustainable society.

Political scientist Thea Riofrancos explains how an ecosocialist agenda addresses the interlocked crises of climate change and capitalism through a transformative democratic revolution in production, consumption and social relations, and what a left-in-power can learn from the politics of extraction in Pink Tide Latin America.

Thea wrote the articles A Path to Democratic Socialism Means a Path To Climate Justice for In These Times and What Comes After Extractivism? for Dissent.

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Thea Riofrancos

Thea Riofrancos is a writer and an Assistant Professor of Political Science at Providence College.


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