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Episode 1029


Nov 11 2018

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Andrew Dobbs

Liberation is not on the ballot: The case against voting for Democrats.

Activist Andrew Dobbs explains why workers and the poor lose every election, and how voting for the Democratic Party serves to reinforce capitalist domination over society - a stranglehold that won't be defeated through status quo politics, but through revolutionary organizing of the oppressed working class.

Andrew wrote the article No, Voting Democrat is Not “Harm Reduction” at Medium.



Pavlos Roufos

A deep look into Greece's bottomless debt crisis.

Writer Pavlos Roufos reviews eight years of managed disaster for Greece under Europe's austerity regime - from the roots of the crisis in both internal politics and international finance, to the perverse structure of EU-imposed austerity that plunged the country deeper in debt and slashed public services and welfare in service of an impossible outcome.

Pavlos is author of the book A Happy Future is a Thing of the Past: The Greek Crisis and Other Disasters from Reaktion Books [UK] / University of Chicago Press [US]



Tom Hansen

Notes on the future of Cuban socialism.

Tom Hansen explores the future of Cuban socialism in the 21st century - as the state struggles under the weight of a decades-long US-imposed international trade embargo, the first new constitution of the post-Soviet era introduces market mechanisms into the economy while trying to remain committed to equity as a socialist value.

Tom wrote the article Challenges for Cuba's New Constitution for the Mexico Solidarity Network's website.



Jeff Dorchen

On Some Bats of the Red Forest.

In a Moment of Truth, Jeff Dorchen gets just incredibly specific about the wildlife situation in the Red Forest on the Fat Island of Langostan, in the Middle Seasoning A Capellago - which if you aren't familiar with, get ready for schnauzer dragons and umbrella monkeys and post-Marxism and college radio echolocation and the upside of batshit.

Read the transcript here



Leah Stokes

The gap between what you think and what Congress thinks you think is filled with corporate money.

Political scientist Leah Stokes examines the wide ideological gap between Congress and US citizens - as elected representatives and their staffers substitute corporate lobbying and their own beliefs for the values of their constituencies across a wide range of issues, policies are pushed rightward and away from popular solutions to pressing issues.

Leah is co-author of the paper Legislative Staff and Representation in Congress in the American Political Science Review.