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Episode 1014

Red into Green

Jul 29 2018

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Boots Riley

Not just about culture: Producing art and resistance under capitalism.

Artist Boots Riley talks about life and work and producing culture under capitalism, the politics behind his film Sorry to Bother You, the importance of bringing working class people together, and what the Oakland longshoremen union can teach us about the power of labor and the promise of solidarity.

Boots is the writer and director of the new film Sorry to Bother You.



Victor Wallis

Saving the planet is a working class job: The case for ecosocialist transformation.

Writer Victor Wallis presents a socialist framework for ecological revolution - as global capitalism pushes the planet and everyone on it closer to crisis, only a transformative, working-class lead re-ordering of political and economic structures can deliver a safe, secure and healthy world for the future.

Victor is author of Red-Green Revolution: The Politics and Technology of Ecosocialism from Political Animal Press.



C. Riley Snorton

What we know of as flesh: Black and trans identity in an age of exclusion.

Historian C. Riley Snorton explores the political dimensions of Black and trans identity - as twin subjects to the violence and dispossession of capitalism, as an intersecting lens to see beyond the rigid social hierarchies of White supremacy, and as a challenge to the way we understand ourselves, our genders, and one another.

Riley is author of the book Black on Both Sides: A Racial History of Trans Identity from University of Minnesota Press.



Andrea Ritchie

Chicago's new loitering law is a police weapon aimed at Black and Brown women.

Attorney Andrea Ritchie explains how a new "prostitution-related" anti-loitering law in Chicago expands policing of Black and Brown neighborhoods - giving the CPD another tool to target and abuse women, and control public spaces with the threat of criminalizing people already living precarious lives.

Andrea wrote the Truthout article "Prostitution-Related" Loitering Ordinance Promotes Racial Profiling in Chicago with Brit Schulte.



Jeff Dorchen

A few thoughts on capitalism and entropy and the constant of human misery.

In a Moment of Truth, Jeff Dorchen wipes the BBQ sauce of his face and lets go of the tiger's tail for long enough to wonder about cosmic entropy, and why it seems like all systems fail except this one system that we want to fail and is failing in a way but is also doing pretty well for itself and the couple people at the top.

Read the transcript here