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Episode 990


Feb 10 2018

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Riccardo Manzotti

Inside ourselves, outside our bodies: On consciousness in the physical world.

Philosopher Riccardo Manzotti explores the idea that consciousness itself exists as part of the physical world all around us, and explains how this Spread Mind theory casts new light on our perceptions, experiences and dreams, and holds the potential to awaken us to the reality that we exist not behind our eyes, but in front of them.

Riccardo is author of The Spread Mind: Why Consciousness and the World Are One from OR Books.



Susan Kang

Andrew Cuomo's resistance costs him little, and offers voters about the same.

Political scientist Susan Kang looks beyond the progressive illusion of Andrew Cuomo to the political realities of New York's governor - a centrist actor able to position himself against Trump while blocking progressive climate and healthcare legislation, and selling means-tested, technocratic fixes to a public that didn't buy it in 2016 and probably won't in 2020.

Susan wrote the article The Case Against Cuomo for Jacobin.



Arielle Sallai, Rachel Reyes

No Olympics: Not in PyeongChang, Los Angeles or anywhere else.

Organizers Arielle Sallai and Rachel Reyes of No Olympics LA explain what cities lose when the Olympics take control - from the large-scale policy decisions made in private by politicians and international groups, to the human cost of ramped up police militarization and displacement from real estate development cashing in on emptied neighborhoods.

Read the NOlympics LA Statement of Solidarity with Pyeongchang and official platform here.

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Yasha Levine

The information weapon: Why the internet was always spying on you.

Investigative journalist Yasha Levine explains why the internet has been a surveillance tool since day one - as a Cold War project to monitor populations pushing back against the militarization of society, and as the synthesis of corporate and state power in service of protecting the interests of the ruling class - yesterday, today and tomorrow.

Yasha is author of the new book Surveillance Valley: The Secret Military History of the Internet from PublicAffairs.



Reese Piper

Let strippers do their jobs: Precarity, police raids and the work of sex work.

Journalist and stripper Reese Piper explains how a series of police raids and closures of strip clubs in New Orleans threaten the lives of the city's dancers, and why really protecting strippers and sex workers means recognizing their work as work, and providing them labor rights and legal protections.

Reese wrote the Medium article New Orleans Is Trying to Shut Down Strip Clubs. Why This Puts My Life In Danger and the op-ed We're real people with bills to pay, have right to work without fear for The Advocate.



Dave Buchen

Living with normal problems and apocalypse problems in Puerto Rico.

Our Man in San Juan, Dave Buchen checks in from the disasters everyday (no internet, no power, body odor) and catastrophic (no water, palpable crime, imported bananas) of life right now in Puerto Rico and explains how he's adjusting to his new normal life, with a little help from El Primer Templo Sagrado y Profano del Apocalipsis Puertorriqueño.

We're talking with Dave for the first time since his three post-Maria reports in October 2017.