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Thoughts on the corporate capture of intersectionality.


There are two intersectionalities - there's what we'll call the bourgeois intersectionality that corporations are pushing, and there's the intersectionality that real left feminists are pushing. The problem is that they both have the same name, and since they both have the same name, adherents of the corporate intersectionality are able to claim credit for the work left feminists do. And left feminists are not always able to have their work and views distinguished from the other intersectionalists.

Black Agenda Report managing editor Bruce Dixon makes a left case against intersectionality - as a bourgeois capture of left social movement energy funnelled back into the influence (and funding) of corporate philanthropy, and as a poor substitute for a solidarity that unites groups against the interests of capital and empire.

Bruce wrote the articles Intersectionality is a Hole. Afro-Pessimism is a Shovel. We Need to Stop Digging. and Looking Down That Deep Hole: Parasitic Intersectionality and Toxic Afro-Pessimism. for Black Agenda Report.

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Bruce Dixon

Bruce Dixon is Managing Editor of Black Agenda Report.


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