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Ferguson forever: Liberals won't solve racial injustice as long as they are part of the problem.


Obama, the Black political class and Democrats are really invested in the belief that the only thing wrong with policing is that some of them are corrupt, some of them are racist, and a lot of them need more training and better leadership. But the fact is the police are in the position of enforcing a vastly unjust social order.

Black Agenda Report’s Bruce Dixon challenges President Obama’s response to Ferguson, explains why mainstream liberal solutions to police and prison abuse actually sustain the problem, and proposes real changes to the American justice system.

Bruce critiques the White House’s Task Force for 21st Century Policing in his piece Obama’s Ferguson Commission a Joke: Why Liberal Proposals and “Solutions” Don’t Cut It for Black Agenda Report.

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Bruce Dixon

Bruce Dixon is Managing Editor of Black Agenda Report.


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