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We can become the people we really are: Rising out of the neoliberal wreckage.


People see themselves falling into disaster and say 'government isn't helping us, we need someone completely different from a government we've seen before.' And that someone is a fascist or a demagogue. This is a very dangerous age, and it's because we have failed to produce a compelling, positive and inspiring restoration story with which to replace the failed story of neoliberalism, that we see the ride of fascism.

Writer George Monbiot examines the disastrous triumph of the neoliberal narrative - over our political possibilities and the way we see each other and ourselves, and explains why the left must capture hearts and minds (and power) with a new story about our future - an old tale based on cooperation, mutual aid and survival in a dangerous age.

George is author of Out of the Wreckage: A New Politics for an Age of Crisis from Verso.

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