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The Global Food System Is a Recipe for Mass Death / George Monbiot

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The greatest danger to the global food system is now the global food system… What do we draw from this? First of all, It's absolutely essential that we maintain high food production because if we don't, we will go back to a time of famine and with a much bigger population size now, that means that billions would starve. It's a really genuinely terrifying prospect. We have to do sustain production levels differently. We can't carry on hammering the soil, hammering our water supplies, slapping agrochemicals everywhere in order to maintain those high yields. We have to find other ways of maintaining high yields.

George Monbiot returns to This Is Hell! to discuss his recent article, "The Cruel Fantasies of Well-Fed People: The astonishing story of how a movement’s quest for rural simplicity drifted into a formula for mass death.

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