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Understanding the ascendant, collapsing state of modern conservatism.


This is a very dangerous moment we're in, because the benefits of whiteness are not as great as they once were, materially. And that can mean one of two things - perhaps a movement on the left to deal with an economy that would benefit everybody at the bottom and the middle, black, white and brown - or it can mean an even more intensified racial politics. And I think right now, we're seeing the latter.

Political scientist Corey Robin examines the state of conservatism in the Trump era - as a reactionary ideology a generation past something tangible to react against, as a political project wavering on free market capitalism and doubling down on white supremacy, and as an opening to the left, if there is a left, to advance a popular agenda and reclaim power.

Corey is author of The Reactionary Mind: Conservative from Edmund Burke to Donald Trump for Oxford University Press.

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Corey Robin

Corey Robin is a writer and professor of political science at Brooklyn College and the CUNY Graduate Center.


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