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Coca-Cola is sucking Chiapas dry, but there's plenty of Coca-Cola.


About 1/3 of people in Chiapas don't have running water, so they depend on wells. And when your neighbor has a giant bottling plant... The well water has been gradually declining, combined with global warming and environmental changes - people are having to walk further to find new water sources, people are buying bottled water, there's a lot of soda consumption - it sets off a whole chain of impacts.

Journalist Martha Pskowski explores the politics of water in the Mexican state of Chiapas - as a Coca-Cola bottling plant drains a supply already threatened by urbanization and climate change, turning water from a constitutionally-held human right into a commodity more expensive (and less available) than soda.

Martha wrote the article Coca-Cola Sucks Wells Dry in Chiapas, Forcing Residents to Buy Water for Truthout.

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Martha Pskowski

Martha Pskowski is a journalist and researcher based in Mexico City.


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