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The border wall, the pipeline and tribal resistance in South Texas.


They went through another sacred site to build a couple of pipelines, the Trans-Pecos is the main one, and Comanche Trail. And it's galling they would name their pipeline "Comanche." That set of pipelines is ostensibly about delivering natural gas to Mexico, and on that side you see indigenous people resisting these projects. Across borders we have indigenous people standing up and resisting fracked gas and these pipelines.

Journalist Candice Bernd reports on indigenous and environmental resistance in South Texas - as the Carrizo/Comecrudo tribe faces destruction of multiple sacred sites by both Trump's border wall and new fossil fuel infrastructure, members are pushing against the colonial logic of extraction and exclusion threatening their way of life.

Candice is author of the article A Tribal Camp in South Texas Is Vowing to Resist Trump’s Wall for Truthout.

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Candice Bernd

Candice Bernd is a editor and staff reporter at Truthout.


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