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Nothing more than terror: A whistleblower on America's secret drone war.


If any one of us had a drone over our head right now, and we didn't know when ordinance was going to drop from it and kill our family members, our friends, ourselves - and this was a daily occurance, where children are afraid to go outside - to me this is nothing more than terror. And we're supposed to be having a war on terror.

Former Air Force Technical Sergeant Lisa Ling reflects on her time in the US military's secret drone war, discusses both the military and moral dimensions of America's massive, growing, networked killing operation, and calls for the de-arming of drones as the world moves closer to a constant, global war.

Lisa, a former technical sergeant on drone surveillance systems, was profiled in the documentary National Bird.

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Lisa Ling

Ling is a former Air Force Technical Sergeant who worked on drone surveillance systems.


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