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Death by MBA: Harvard Business School and the levers of control.


We have confused an ability to make decisions in a corporate milieu with something approaching wisdom, and we have looked to them for leadership across a whole wide spectrum of organizations. And I think it is a huge mistake. They have started to push their analytical worldview down every facet of our lives, particularly where it shouldn't be, and isn't welcome.

Journalist Duff McDonald examines Harvard Business School's role at the heart of global capital, and explains how its ideological takeover by the financial class, and a larger failing to see the world beyond the boardroom produces class after class of capitalism's leaders and followers - floating above the wreckage of their own making.

Duff is author of the new book The Golden Passport: Harvard Business School, the Limits of Capitalism, and the Moral Failure of the MBA Elite from Harper Collins.

Interview transcript via Antidote Zine

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Duff McDonald

Duff McDonald is a journalist and author.


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