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We always have each other: #FreeBlackMamas and the fight to end the money bail system.


There's a long history of Black women collectively coming together, and raising funds and supporting each other. Just yesterday in Maryland we bailed out one Black mother, and tomorrow she's getting her hair done by one of the organizer's sisters - that's highlighting the legacy of us supporting each other.

Attorney Nnennaya Amuchie discusses the work of National Mamas Bail Out Day, a nation-wide campaign to raise funds to free incarcerated Black mothers in time for Mother's Day, and places the campaign's resistance to the coercive nature of money bail in a larger contexts of prison abolition and Black solidarity and support in the face of state violence.

Nnennaya's group is still taking donations for the DC. / Maryland / Virginia area via their Generosity page.

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Nnennaya Amuchie

Nnennaya Amuchie is a social justice attorney, writer and organizer with BYP100.


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