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What does Trump mean for the neoliberal order?


There's this broader sense of delegitimization, and people are losing their faith in the political center, the political mainstream - the political process. And so it creates this kind of vacancy that he can step into and mash together these ideas that are swirling out there, and present them as a solution that people find appealing.

Jacobin managing editor Nicole Aschoff discusses President Trump's election as harbinger of neoliberalism's decline - as the public rejects the architecture of global trade and the institutions created to advance it, and the political center's hollow nature is exposed via crisis after crisis - and calls for a new left response to capitalism's new Trumpy direction, beyond defensive progressivism.

Nicole wrote the article The Glory Days are Over for Jacobin.

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Nicole Aschoff

Nicole Aschoff is the author of The New Prophets of Capital and an editor at Jacobin magazine.


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