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Episode 942

Manifesto Destiny

Mar 4 2017

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Rachel Aspden

People know it can happen again: On revolution and repression in Egypt.

Journalist Rachel Aspden examines the factured political and economic landscape of Egypt since the failed 2011 revolution - as military rule tightens over a worsening economy, the young revolutionary class gives up on Egypt, and citizens with few options increasingly make peace with Sisi's violent repression.

Rachel is author of Generation Revolution: On the Front Line Between Tradition and Change in the Middle East from Other Press.



Nicole Aschoff

What does Trump mean for the neoliberal order?

Jacobin managing editor Nicole Aschoff discusses President Trump's election as harbinger of neoliberalism's decline - as the public rejects the architecture of global trade and the institutions created to advance it, and the political center's hollow nature is exposed via crisis after crisis - and calls for a new left response to capitalism's new Trumpy direction, beyond defensive progressivism.

Nicole wrote the article The Glory Days are Over for Jacobin.



Dayna Tortorici

Asking for the same thing as you: The case for the Women's Strike.

n+1 editor Dayna Tortorici makes the case for a general Women's Strike on March 8th - to highlight the labor (waged and unwaged) of women in America, to address the material failings of our increasingly precarious economy and the policies behind it, and to set the agenda for a labor movement in America that values all work, and all workers, in our society.

Dayna wrote the new piece While the Iron Is Hot: The case for the Women's Strike at n+1.



Clair Brown

On the transcendental promise of Buddhist economics.

Economist Clair Brown explains how Buddhism can transform our social values and economic system, addressing the crises of climate change and economic inequality with a compassion tethered by the values of impermanence and interconnectedness, freeing humans to pursue lives of service and friendship, not material goods.

Clair is author of the book Buddhist Economics: An Enlightened Approach to the Dismal Science from Bloomsbury Press.

Interview transcript via Antidote Zine



Jodi Dean

No path but revolution: Introducing the Communist Manifesto.

Political theorist Jodi Dean explains why the revolutionary argument of the Communist Manifesto is more relevant than ever - as work becomes less organized and capitalism advances into our modes of communication - and how the path laid out by Marx and Engels 169 years ago still stretches before us, as promise and target.

Jodi wrote the introduction to a new edition of The Communist Manifesto from Pluto Press.



Jeff Dorchen

Behold, a capitalist stomping around with his human face ripped off.

In a Moment of Truth, Jeff Dorchen goes public on privatization, from the wholesale selling off of our remaining social goods, to the ways we buy into capitalism's pitch, and explains why Trump might be the spokesperson America needs to realize capitalism has nothing to sell us but our own misery.

Read the transcript here