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What Trump doesn't understand about trade, jobs and the global economy.


Trump has conveyed this sense that we're at war with China, that we're at war with Mexico, and they're winning. That's xenophobic, and in addition to that it's misrepresenting what's at issue, because there are important actors on our side who were very much winners. It was those at the high end.

Economist Dean Baker debunks President Trump's claims about US jobs and trade deals - from his framing of who wins and who loses in trade with China and Mexico, to the other, less visible economic policies harming US workers, like drug patent protectionism - and wonders if Trump might be the one to convince the American public that wealth doesn't buy political insight.

Dean wrote the recent op-eds More Republican Handouts to the Rich and The Trouble With Trade: People Understand It for Truthout.

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Dean Baker

Dean Baker is co-director of the Center for Economic and Policy Research.


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