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Fracking Appalachia: Extraction economics in Ohio, Pennsylvania and West Virginia.


The exchange you are making - for the air residents breathe, the water they drink, the effects on the rest of the economy, and all those sacrifices - which many people who live in the region and support the industry recognize as being sacrifices - you're just not getting a good enough deal to even remotely make that acceptable. And in fact, if you look at the numbers, you're getting no deal at all. Especially when it comes to jobs.

Researcher Sean O'Leary on the destabilizing impacts on a decade of shale gas fracking on the jobs, wages and population of 22 Ohio, Pennsylvania, and West Virginia counties, and the report Appalachia’s Natural Gas Counties: Contributing more to the U.S. economy and getting less in return for the Ohio Valley River Institute.

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Sean O'Leary

Sean O'Leary is a senior researcher at the Ohio River Valley Institute.


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