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Post-Brexit. Pre-transaction tax. Post-neoliberalism? A financial roundup.


The research from the IMF is showing that these policies they've been recommending for 25 years, that are supposed to help developing countries - it turns out they lead to inequality and they don't necessarily help growth. So why would you propose them? Well, if the point was to increase inequality or redistribute money upward you have a clear story - but that's not what they've been saying their agenda is.

Economist Dean Baker gives an update on a handful of stories from around the globalized economy - the international competition for London's financial sector post-Brexit, how a transaction tax could pop the financial sector's waste bubble, why a critique of the IMF's neoliberal policies is coming from within the IMF itself, a mixed review of the first Clinton economy - and some surprisingly encouraging news about Hillary Clinton and Social Security.

Dean wrote the article Right-Sizing the Financial Sector in Post-Brexit Europe for Truthout.

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Dean Baker

Dean Baker is co-director of the Center for Economic and Policy Research.


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