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Understanding the power dynamic between Guy Philippe, the US and Haiti.


If you look at the history of the US you see this over and over again - figures who are US allies with questionable rights records, and as soon as they become of little use, the US quickly turns on them. This happened with Gaddafi in Libya, in Panama with Noriega - and I think Philippe is no different.

CEPR researcher Jake Johnston reports on the recent arrest and extradition of Haitian paramilitary leader / drug runner / senator-elect Guy Philippe, and explains how Philippe's role in the past two decades of Haitian politics reveals persistent US interference in the nation's democracy - from 2004's anti-Aristide coup to meddling in the most recent elections.

Jake wrote the article Senator-Elect and Former Paramilitary Leader Guy Philippe Arrested on Drug Charges for CEPR.

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Jake Johnston

Jake Johnston is a Research Associate with the Center for Economic and Policy Research.


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