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How Special Economic Zones captured the world for corporate rule.


What you're seeing is a gradual transition from the state to the corporation of all its functions. One of the oldest ideas in political theory is that a state is defined by the territory it owns - so if it gives territory over to Special Economic Zones, what does that say about democracy?

Investigative journalist Matt Kennard reports on the realities of life, labor and dissent in a special economic zone (SEZ) - areas around the globe designed to attract multinational corporate investment by bypassing a country's local democratic control and labor laws - and explains how the concentrated capitalism of SEZs, for decades a tool of the West in developing nations, is coming back to our own weakening economies (and democracies.)

Matt is co-author of the investigation Inside the Corporate Utopias Where Capitalism Rules and Labor Laws Don’t Apply for In These Times.

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Matt Kennard

Matt Kennard is an investigative journalist and a fellow at the London-based Centre for Investigative Journalism.


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