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A reporter walks away from the Financial Times and into the heart of global capitalism.


Within the Financial Times, you have to believe in very rigid ideas about how the global economy works to be able to prosper and have a career there. If you don’t, you get ejected. This is how all power systems work – by replicating themselves, exactly as they are. They don’t work by promoting dissidents or people who think differently from everybody else.

Journalist Matthew Kennard tells his story of abandoning a prestigious job at a consent factory and discovering capitalism’s silent rulers working beyond democratic restraints, then surveys the vast apparatus dedicated to consolidating money and power in the hands of the global elite.

Matthew wrote the book The Racket: A Rogue Reporter vs the Masters of the Universe.

Interview Transcript via Antidote Zine.

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Matt Kennard

Matt Kennard is an investigative journalist and a fellow at the London-based Centre for Investigative Journalism.


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