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Perfectly safe (for foreigners) - A report from post-coup, pre-Olympics Brazil.


Martial law is going to be declared in Rio de Janeiro, the military is going to roll in with their tanks and lock down a bunch of the favelas, there's going to be a huge presence of federal and local police anywhere tourists are going. It's going to be as safe as Chile was during the Pinochet dictatorship, or Spain was during the Franco dictatorship. Perfectly safe for foreigners - on the backs of the poor people who live there.

Live from São Paulo, Brian Mier reports on the right wing takeover of Brazilian politics after the impeachment of Dilma Rousseff, where agrarian and land rights reforms are being rolled back by a coalition of cattle exporters, Evangelical Christians and private military forces, setting the stage for a neoliberal restructuring of the country's economy, and the kind of peace and stability Chileans enjoyed under Pinochet.

Brian recommends reading the Council on Hemispheric Affairs article Dilma Rousseff Found Not Guilty of Budgetary Maneuvers not that it really matters anymore.

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Brian Mier

Brian Mier is co-editor at Brasil Wire, Brazil correspondant for TeleSur English's news program From the South, and host of Globalistas on TV 247. You can follow Brian on his Substack.


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