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The battle for online freedom, from mass hacking to internet shutdowns.


We've tracked more than 20 shutdowns in just six months. Uganda, during an election, shut down the internet for more than four days. You can imagine what this does to election monitors. Journalists can't talk to sources. India has been shutting down the internet regionally during protests. We're seeing mundane reasons now - Algeria and Iraq have shut down the internet for multiple days in a row to stop cheating on final exams.

Attorney Peter Micek reports on two battlegrounds for internet freedom: the global fight against internet shutdowns by governments during times of unrest, elections or even sixth grade exams, and the domestic struggle against Rule #41, a procedural rule that would open 30% of computers world-wide to legal surveillance by the FBI, and explains how both battles reflect the larger conflict over who determines control over the internet - people or their governments.

Pete's organization, Access Now just launched the campaigns #KeepItOn and Keep the FBI out of my Computer.

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Peter Micek

Peter Micek is Senior Policy Counsel for the nonprofit group Access Now.


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