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Episode 906

White Fight

Jun 25 2016

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Carol Anderson

A history (and present) of White rage in the face of Black advancement.

Historian Carol Anderson surveys the politics of White rage - a series of reactionary policy responses to Black advancement - and explains how the methods and language of racism in politics shifted after the Civil Rights era, masking themselves as concerns of economics and vote integrity, setting the stage for the massive Black-focused disenfranchisement policies of incarceration and vote suppression we see in America today.

Carol is author of White Rage: The Unspoken Truth of Our Racial Divide from Bloomsbury.



David Skalinder

Cutting off the nose to spite the nose: A Brexit report from London.

Live from London, David Skalinder delivers his final Irregular Correspondent report from the UK, fittingly on the Brexit - explaining why the vote became a referendum on immigration and mobility within integrated Europe, how "Leave" went from the position of eccentric cranks to a majority of voters, and what the stunning decision reveals about working class anger and cultural capital in 21st century Europe.

David previously said goodbye to London earlier this month in this segment about the city.



Peter Micek

The battle for online freedom, from mass hacking to internet shutdowns.

Attorney Peter Micek reports on two battlegrounds for internet freedom: the global fight against internet shutdowns by governments during times of unrest, elections or even sixth grade exams, and the domestic struggle against Rule #41, a procedural rule that would open 30% of computers world-wide to legal surveillance by the FBI, and explains how both battles reflect the larger conflict over who determines control over the internet - people or their governments.

Pete's organization, Access Now just launched the campaigns #KeepItOn and Keep the FBI out of my Computer.



Sally Denton

Understanding the complex military and industrial reach of the Bechtel corporation.

Investigative reporter Sally Denton explores the long reach of the construction and engineering corporate giant Bechtel - across continents and decades of infrastructure and military projects, and into the policies and positions of the US government itself - and explains why Bechtel's secretive, steady rise to global power and influence is inseparable from the architecture of American empire, past and future.

Sally is author of the Simon & Schuster book The Profiteers: Bechtel and the Men Who Built the World.



Brianne Bolin, Cassie Thornton, Max Haiven

Radical resistance within, against and beyond the neoliberal university.

Members of the Undercommoning collective discuss the social and economic burdens of the neoliberal university - from the precarious nature of adjunct employment, to the existential claustrophobia of an educational system geared toward the sole production of debt and workers - and explain how a new wave of radical organizers are finding solidarity and building alternative forms of research and education

Max, Cassie and Brianne are part of the Undercommoning collective, who recently published the letter Undercommoning within, against and beyond the university-as-such at ROAR Magazine.

Interview transcript via Antidote Zine

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Jeff Dorchen

On Mishima, barbarism and the limits of wokeness.

In a spectrum-spanning Moment of Truth, Jeff Dorchen considers the life and death of poor superman Yukio Mishima, bound to the same fate as all of us - from the weak to the strong, the winners to the losers, the woke to the ignorant, the a-hole to the mensch, the samurai to the Astroboy, the blood drinkers to the founding fathers - and explains why this has a lot to do with Hillary, Bernie and Trump, but that's where your work begins.