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Being too poor for justice isn't just for poor people anymore.


There are all sorts of legal relationships that the middle class stumble into everyday, and it's very hard to get legal representation for that, especially if they're on the lower end of the middle class, because of the price of lawyers, and they're barred from taking advantages of legal services for people who are truly poor.

Attorney Brian Foley explains how rising costs (for lawyers and clients) have priced the middle class out of the legal system, leaving them to rely on off-the rack online legal services to navigate an increasingly complex dimension to American life, and why accessible lawyers in service of the public is the key to solving this problem, not robot lawyers with built in printers.

Brian explores the ramifications (for himself, lawyers and robots) of the article The world's first artificially intelligent lawyer was just hired at a law firm at Tech Insider.

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Brian Foley

Brian J. Foley is a lawyer, comedian and the author of A New Financial You in 28 Days! A 37-Day Plan.


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