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How Antonin Scalia Trumped the Supreme Court.

Feb 20 2016

The originalist view is a fetishization of the past. It's played by people such as Scalia as true to what the framers thought. But in reality, I find that to be a very activist approach. Scalia is very well known throughout his career for basically saying 'people in this country have no rights, except for what the framers thought in 1787.' And I think that is quite activist because it's against actual progress.

This is Hell! resident Lawpagandist Brian Foley looks past Antonin Scalia's suddenly glowing posthumous reputation to his impact on this mortal plane, from his long reign as the junket king of the Supreme Court, to his apparent joy in disrupting the legal world, and cites examples from his own law career of the impact of Scalia's stylish, smarmy legal legacy.

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Brian Foley

Brian J. Foley is a lawyer, comedian and the author of A New Financial You in 28 Days! A 37-Day Plan.


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