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Extremely disruptive and extremely loud: The new power of Black activism.


She said she would apologize for using those words, but what was even more egregious than those words was her supporting those policies in the first place. I need to hear from Hillary Clinton that she understands the policies she supported are responsible for Black people being removed from communities. That statement does not give me that impression, and neither does anything in her record.

Live from the line at a local polling station, Black Lives Matter activist Ashley Williams talks about new generation of Black political protest, the role of love in building movements to resist police violence and build communities, and confronting Hillary Clinton with her own words (and actions) pathologizing Black youth and strengthening the control of mass incarceration on communities of color.

Ashley was profiled in the interview Ask an Activist: Ashley Williams and recently disrupted a Hillary Clinton fundraiser in the only inspiring moment of Hillary Clinton's campaign.

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Ashley Williams

Ashley Williams is an activist and student at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte.


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