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Bomb scares, spider bites and other South America vacation highlights.


I took out my phone, got a signal and the first thing I did was look on Twitter. 'TAM Airlines Madrid to Sao Paulo is making an emergency landing due to a bomb on the plane.' The phone dropped from my hand, I sat back in my seat and thought 'that's it...'

Our Man in Dublin dumps a batch of Will Lynch related stories onto the radiowaves - from drunken selfies with Pharrell and sober reflections on the British media's treatment of Jeremy Corbyn, to an in-flight bomb scare that had him in turns calling his mother to say goodbye, watching Game of Thrones and breaking through security checkpoints in search of a post-mortality-reminder beer.

Will mentions Glenn Greenwald's excellent Intercept article The Seven Stages of Establishment Backlash: Corbyn/Sanders Edition.

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Will Lynch

Our Man in Dublin, Will Lynch has giving us the news from Dublin since 2010.


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