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Deep, profound and structural: Understanding Venezuela's post-Chávez crisis.


The Chavista revolution was in effect captured by individuals and factions with a vested interest in the revolution following a specific path that was not necessarily in the best interest of the wider revolutionary process, but increasingly in the best interests of factions within the ruling PSUV. That's what happens once you're in government - movements lose that vital force and connectivity with the civil society organizations which propel them to power in the first place.

Latin America specialist Julia Buxton examines the state of Venezuelan politics during and after the Hugo Chávez era - from the international and regional factors behind Chávez's radical shift from Bolivarianism toward '21st century socialism,' to the roots of the country's current crisis in economic mismanagement in the face of crashing oil prices - and calls for dialogue and negotiation to resolve a crisis with a high risk for conflict.

Julia was interviewed in the piece Venezuela After Chávez at New Left Review.

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Julia Buxton

Julia Buxton is the Acting Dean and a professor of comparative politics in the School of Public Policy at the Central European University in Budapest.


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