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Bad science and worse politics keep toxic chemicals in the environment.


The science that has been shaping how chemicals have been regulated over the past several decades is so far behind the curtain, and out of public view, that it makes it really hard for the general public, let alone politicians and policy makers, to get a grip on it.

Journalists Valerie Brown and Elizabeth Grossman explain how chemical industry secrecy and weak government regulation result in harmful chemicals in our homes and workplaces, and why a revolving door between corporate and regulatory bodies is harm to not just health and the environment, but science, politics and the regulatory process itself.

Valerie and Elizabeth are authors of the six month In These Times investigation Why the US Leaves Deadly Chemicals on the Market.

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Elizabeth Grossman

Elizabeth Grossman is an author and journalist specializing in science and environmental issues.



Valerie Brown

Valerie Brown is a journalist specializing in environmental health, climate change and microbiology.

Valerie's work at Muck Rack


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