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The barrel rots the apples: Confronting rape and patriarchy in India and beyond.


We as society must stand up and take responsibility for these rapists. They are not 'other' than us. They are of our making. They are not rotten apples in a barrel, the barrel is rotten. The barrel rots the apples.

Filmmaker Leslee Udwin connects the rape of Jyoti Singh - and rapes across India (and the US) - to a system of global patriarchy that devalues women and breeds violence, then explains why preventing rape and violence must start with a moral education for children, and how speaking with Jyoti's rapists caused her to feel pity for them, and anger towards the society that programmed them.

Leslee is the director of the documentary India's Daughter. She'll be screening and talking about the film on Wednesday night at the Siskel Film Center.

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Leslee Udwin

Leslee Udwin is a filmmaker and producer.


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