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Crisis authoritarianism and nationalist sectarianism in India.


That's one of the hallmarks of authoritarianism - centralized decision making, lack of any consultation. When the national lockdown was announced in 2020, it followed the textbook recipe of how demonetization was done in 2016. Both were thrust on the entire country without any kind of consultation - not with the bureaucracy, not the civil service, not the state governments - no one. This is monopolizing decisions and socializing losses. That's not federalism.

Sayandeb Chowdhury and Rajendran Narayanan on the politics of mass privatization and centralized authority in Narendra Modi’s India, and their article A made-in-India shock doctrine, with a little help from Latin America for Monthly Review.

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Rajendran Narayanan

Rajendran Narayanan is an assistant professor at Azim Premji University, Bangalore, and is affiliated with LibTech India.



Sayandeb Chowdhury

Sayandeb Chowdhury is an assistant professor at Ambedkar University, Delhi.


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