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Understanding clandestine migration in the age of Europe's anti-mobility regime.


We’re seeing shifting routes across different bits of borders of the rich world – specifically the West – in response to border controls. Flows of people are being pushed around, they’re not being reduced. And what we are doing is adding to the dangers, making the journeys more and more dangerous.

Anthropologist Ruben Andersson surveys the realities of refugee migration, from the parallel industries of smuggling and security that profit from crisis, to the political and security systems that thrive on conflict not resolution, and explains why a globalized world needs to reexamine notions of mobility and the right to movement.

Ruben is author of 2014′s highly and often recommended Illegality, Inc. – Clandestine Migration and the Business of Bordering Europe and the recent article Destroy the Smuggling Markets, Not the Boats.

Interview Transcript via Antidote Zine

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Ruben Andersson

Ruben Andersson is an anthropologist and Associate Professor in the Department of International Development, University of Oxford.


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