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The Maple Spring Reloads: Quebec's student protestors target austerity and repression.


This is the big different – in 2012 it was a student strike, in 2015 we are protesting austerity measures. We’re looking much more towards Greece, towards Spain, towards Europe in general. We are protesting against austerity here in Quebece, but we are protesting against the idea of austerity as a project for society.

Live from Montreal, Valérie Bergeron reports on a resurgent student protest movement, explains why its goals have expanded since the initial 2012 marches, and speaks honestly about the challenge of communicating the movement’s goals to a larger audience, while facing violent repression from the government.

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Valerie Bergeron

Valerie Bergeron is doing her master's in international human rights law at the University of Oxford. She is currently working as a public defender in the North of Québec. She will be sworn in as a lawyer in december 2016.


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