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Episode 843


Apr 4 2015

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Bécquer Seguín

To fight austerity and forge a new democratic movement in Spain, Podemos looks to Latin America.

Writer Bécquer Seguin explores the connection between Podemos and a generation of leftist politics in Latin America, and explains how the party is reclaiming ideas of populism and national unity from the dark legacy of Francisco Franco.

Bécquer’s latest writing is Podemos’s Latin American Roots for Jacobin and Can Podemos Win in Spain? for The Nation.



Mikael Mikaelsson

Fighting climate change requires radical changes to our economies, our politics, and ourselves.

Energy policy adviser Mikael Mikaelsson explains why fighting climate change requires new models of economic growth, how policy decisions can prioritize renewable technology over fossil fuels, and what mistakes environmentalists make when talking with a skeptical public.



Miguel Tinker Salas

Venezuela is not a threat to US national security, just US dominance of Latin America.

Latin America scholar Miguel Tinker Salas places President Obama’s declaration of Venezuela as a threat to national security into a larger historical context of US diplomatic aggression towards the country, and explains why the real threat Venezuela poses is to American economic hegemony.

Miguel is author of the book Venezuela: What Everyone Needs to Know.



Matthieu Aikins

The bloody war against Islamic State will tear apart Iraq, even if Iraq prevails.

Journalist Matthieu Aikins reports back from Baghdad, and Iraq’s battle against Islamic State, where armed militias and sectarian conflicts threaten the stability the country is fighting to reclaim.

Matthieu’s newest writing for Rolling Stone is Inside Baghdad’s Brutal Battle Against ISIS.



Valerie Bergeron

The Maple Spring Reloads: Quebec's student protestors target austerity and repression.

Live from Montreal, Valérie Bergeron reports on a resurgent student protest movement, explains why its goals have expanded since the initial 2012 marches, and speaks honestly about the challenge of communicating the movement’s goals to a larger audience, while facing violent repression from the government.



Flint Taylor

"This is what we'll do to you" - Jon Burge, Fred Hampton and the threat of police violence.

Attorney Flint Taylor explains how racism by the police manifests itself in large-scale policies like stop and frisk and individual instances of brutality, all with the same goal – to intimidate black citizens.

Flint just wrote the In These Times piece To Catch a Torturer: One Attorney’s 28-Year Pursuit of Racist Chicago Police Commander Jon Burge.



Jeff Dorchen

Celebrating Passover with Joni Mitchell, Charlie Mingus, Moses other puppets of the 1960s.

Jeff Dorchen attends a Seder, sound-tracked by the 1979 Joni Mitchell album "Mingus" and the unfulfilled expectations of famous people from the 1960s.