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How Rahm Emanuel sold a city and bought an election.


The message is constantly sent from City Hall – that the city will fall and crumble into the lake if there is not a benign dictator occupying the fifth floor. And I think that voters essentially end up accepting that argument.

Journalist Mick Dumke watches the money flowing in/out of Chicago during the mayoral election, explains why angry voters can’t get in the way of Rahm Emanuel’s re-election, and talks about why the city won’t talk about its biggest problem – persistent racial segregation.

Mick has been doing the best coverage of the worst of Chicago for years over at the Chicago Reader, including the pieces Rahm’s reelection campaign is largely funded by people outside Chicago and Mayor Emanuel says he ‘reformed’ the parking meter deal, but he actually sold off more of the city streets.

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Mick Dumke

Mick Dumke is a journalist covering Chicago politics for the Chicago Reader.


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