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Weaponized Safety and Unhinged Police Crackdowns on American Campus Protests / Natasha Lennard

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You get these headlines like, “Jewish students feel unsafe.” Well, you have to say “some Jewish students” and why? Because other Jewish students are in the encampments, organizing, marching for Palestine, breaking Shabbat dinner next to their Palestinian comrades. Only one set of Jewish students gets to stand for Jewish students and Jewish people, and their unsafety is to be immediately taken as a real proof of actual unsafety, actual threat, when the grounds continue to be so flimsy when actually challenged…I think it's time for high skepticism around this, but not to brush off charges of antisemitism when they're dead real…Instead, what you're seeing is the charge being weaponized. This is using Jewish people.

Natasha Lennard on "I’ve Covered Violent Crackdowns on Protests for 15 Years. This Police Overreaction Was Unhinged."

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Natasha Lennard

Natasha Lennard is a writer and political analyst.


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