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The Meat Merchants Feeding Climate Catastrophe / Spencer Roberts and Jan Dutkiewicz

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Chuck Mertz speaks with science writer Spencer Roberts and political economist Jan Dutkiewicz about their New Republic Article, "How the Meat Industry Undermines Effective Climate Policy".…-lobbying-climate

Spencer Roberts is a science writer, ecologist, musician, and engineer from Colorado. His writing focuses on corporate greenwashing and science corruption. It is featured in places like Jacobin, Wired, and Current Affairs. @Unpop_Science

Jan Dutkiewicz is a Visiting Fellow at Harvard Law School. He holds a Ph.D. in Political Science and comes to Harvard after Postdoctoral Fellowships at Johns Hopkins University and with the Swiss National Science Foundation. He is a political economist whose research focuses on large-scale conventional meat production and the emergent world of alternative protein. His work examines how business interests, ethical and environmental debates, and consumer behavior both shape and are shaped by the law, policy, and politics, and how this all influences what Americans eat. @jan_dutkiewicz


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Spencer Roberts

Science writer, ecologist, musician, and engineer, based in Colorado.


Published in Wired, Jacobin Magazine, the Intercept, and Current Affairs.


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